John Muniz For Congress

I am for the following:

  1. Increase school safety for our children:
    1. Do away with standardized testing.
    2. Funds saved from standardized testing utilized in teachers’ salary increases.
    3. Remaining balance of funds used toward curriculum development across Congressional District 8.
  2. Find a pathway to citizenship for all dreamers:
    1. Resolve the immigration crisis (comprehensive immigration reform) by working together across party lines for the common good of all.
    2. Have secured borders.
    3. Increase security to protect the homeland.
  3. Lower taxes, especially for home owners and businesses:
    1. Homeowners will have extra cash flow
    2. Businesses can use extra funds for capital investments or salary increases.
  4. Find a solution for the present health care crisis:
    1. Competitive and cost effective medical insurance for all Americans.
    2. Medical insurance across state lines.
    3. Allow groups to join together for better medical and cost effective medical insurance.
  5. Ensure zoning laws are not changed in order to benefit big corporations:
    1. New zoning laws change the landscape of communities by creating a concrete jungle.
    2. Regular family houses should be replaced in like manner not by big apartment buildings.
  6. Ensure that all religious groups have the right to worship:
    1. In their respective communities.
    2. In a hassle-free environment.
  7. Ensure that all people in District 8 are treated with dignity and respect:
    1. Regardless of race
    2. Regardless of ethnicity
    3. Regardless of religion or lack thereof
    4. Regardless of sexual orientation
    5. Regardless of social status
    6. Regardless of political affiliation

 John Muniz

New Jersey Congressional District 8